1. Botanical Garden, Tøyen, Oslo.

  2. July 2011

    Today, 22.July 2014 marks three years since the Utøya-terror.

    This picture was taken some days after “Rosetoget” in Oslo, which gathered ca 150.000-200.000 people outside the city hall.

  3. There were some amazing storm clouds over Tøyen last night.

  4. My uncle and his new puppy Saga.

    Ruste, Gudbrandsdalen.

  5. Portraits shot during the Arabian Film-festival in Oslo, 04.04.2014

  6. Happy campers at Hovedøya on a beautiful spring day.

  7. @fregner ✌#colorblocking #makeportraits

  8. Tor Sæthersmoen (89)

    A World War II veteran poses for a portrait, after a memorial and flag-ceremony for the fallen soldiers in Norway, during the german occupation 1940-1945.

    Tor served in the norwegian resistance group Milorg.

    Despite his age he was full of life and humorously complained to me that his wife would no longer let him go hiking in the mountains alone anymore!

    Shot on location 8th of May 2012 (Liberation Day). Kvam in Gudbrandsdalen. 

  9. Braid.

  10. Paris, 2013

  11. Martine, Berlin 2012

  12. Portrait of actor Sara Fellman.

    Oslo, May 2013

  13. A lonely tree watches the summer day slowly turn into a summer night.

    Risør, July 2013.

  15. Risør, 2013